• We are a security solutions company providing proprietary autonomous robotics based hardware and software for rapid deployment of self-sustained site-based security services.
  • C-Tonomy was formed out of a decade of R&D work performed on autonomous security robots. Based out of Portland, Oregon, the Principals of C-Tonomy recognized significant weaknesses of products and solutions in the market of unmanned autonomous outdoor site security and developed innovative solutions to address those weaknesses.
  • C-Tonomy’s flexible platform can deliver you security services through the cloud or your local network. With a browser from your phone, tablet or laptop, you can tap into our exciting new security solutions with minimal to no intrusion of your existing IT structure.
  • Our security platform is comprised of a POD, UGV (Robot) and software supporting the interactive and immersive use of the platform for enhanced outdoor site security (Please see “Product” for more explanation)
  • C-Tonomy’s unique implementation of our security services is supported by patent filings to protect our intellectual property and secures our strategic offering to both the public and the investment community. (please see “Investment” page)

Product Technology & Features

POD features

  • Provides transport and storage of the UGV.
  • Sensors on the POD enhance and augment the sensors on the UGV to provide precise and accurate identification of threats and intruders using our patented AI-backed algorithms.
  • Provides solar powered self sustaining charging for all powered requirements for the POD and UGV.
  • Wireless charging for the UGV when the UGV is docked to the POD
  • Provides Lighting to illuminate the immediate area during nighttime operation
  • Provides two-way remote communication to interact with intruders
  • Offers high definition video streaming with pan, tilt, zoom capability for remote security surveillance
  • Provides wireless access point for UGV command and control

Cloud features

  • Customer defined services from the cloud give customers control over their security services
  • Customers access anytime anywhere.
  • Failover/redundant platform support ensuring maximum uptime
  • Remote site surveillance (unmanned sites, off-hours (no guards) surveillance)
  • Improved management services and consolidation of multi-site operations

UGV features

  • Autonomous surveillance: UGV drives by itself based on pre-defined routes or respond to threats on its own using our patented sensor fusion algorithms using vision sensors from both the POD and UGV
  • Provides two-way remote communication to interact with intruders
  • Provides toxic gas detection and air quality sensing capability through its environmental sensor(s). Customers can add specific sensors.
  • Easy to use Command And Control User Interface
  • Easy integration to 3rd party PSIM / CSIM System for Real-Time Situational Awareness with our platform APIs

Product Features

Pod Features

High definition video streaming with pan, tilt, zoom capability for remote security surveillance
GPS provides location information for the POD
Wireless Access Point for UGV Command & Control
Solar Panels power the POD
Lighting to illuminate the immediate area during night
Hitch for hauling the POD to a site
Wireless charging for the UGV
Rear door doubles as ramp for UGV


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